There was a time, around 1976 that Ted Nugent was the coolest, wildest thing on earth..or so we thought.  It turns out that if we would have done a little digging, we would have found out that he is completely and utterly, full of sh!t.  Now I sit here looking at a boyhood hero and all I see is a loud mouth assh*le.  Now Ted, before you get up in arms and try to intimidate me, I’m not one of those little round headed d.j.s you’re used to dealing with.  If you get in my face, I’ll knock you and your ass and send you to the nursing home.  Now some of you out there might ask why I’d put something so “aggressive” in my opening paragraph; it’s because I know Ted’s modus operandi and just like his recent comments, it’s to “threaten/play innocent”.  More after the jump.

I just believe that there are certain lines that people, and especially we, as Americans should not cross.  Ted Nugent’s recent comments about the President are inflammatory and uncalled for.  At issue mostly is this line from the video below:  “If Barack Obama becomes President in November again, I will either be dead or in jail by this time next year”.  Now he said all this in support of Mitt Romney (Here’s a funny thing about Ted Nugent and Mitt Romney-not only are they both far right wing, they both dodged the draft.  If you let good men go die “in your place”, you don’t even have a right to speak on politics).  Here’s my thing though, if Mitt Romney wins in November, I will support him.  I support WHOEVER is the duly elected President Of The United States.  For the good of our country we should always support our leader and if we don’t like them we shut up then kick their assess out in the next election. Americans don’t sit around and mope like whiny babies for four years until they get a “do-over”.   We do the best with what we have.

Anyways, this isn’t the first time Ted Nugent has been in trouble.  I’m not even going to spend time hunting down his comments on illegal aliens.  Ted just spews the same paranoid thinly veiled hate speech that’s been popular on the a.m. radio because music sounds so crappy on that band.  He’s flailing around looking for attention like a fish gasping for breathe on a boat floor. But, enough with the insults, Brian Williams of NBC said it all when he introduced him as “Former Musician Ted Nugent”.  That’s right Ted, you’re a former musician, and nothing more than a current loudmouth and how dare you wrap yourself in a flag that you refused to fight for.

Lastly, to all of you out there.  Don’t let anybody call you liberal, or conservative. Call yourself an AMERICAN and don’t let any assh@le from either side tell you how to behave.

Now, as you watch the video, keep in mind that this guy used NO FACTS to back up anything he’s saying, he just says the same crap that has been spewed over and over until pudding minded numbskulls have started believing it’s true.