weird news

Man Bursts Into Flames at Porn Shop [VIDEO]
A San Francisco man was enjoying some adult videos in a private booth inside an area porn shop Wednesday when something stunning happened: he burst into flames.
Luckily, there was a firetruck only a block away, so when the human fireball rushed out into the street the firefighters were able to help …
Japanese Prank: Girls Turn To Boys [VIDEO]
Imagine a couple of pretty girls ask you to take their picture. What happens next is beyond your comprehension as those pretty girls turn into boys in front of your very eyes.
Man Calls Police After Strippers Fail to Show Up at His Hotel Room
Apparently, the strippers at the On The Border gentlemen's club in Franklin, Wisconsin don't always honor honor a gentleman's agreement.
An Illinois man, who was visiting Wisconsin last week, dropped $1,000 in lap dances on two of On the Border's finest strippers, in part because the ladies promised …
Harry Potter Pole Dance [VIDEO]
Not much to say about this video, other than it's really effing weird.  I can imagine her casting a spell on me or just simply stabbing me after the dance. Some wild and wacky stuff man!