weird news

Man Bursts Into Flames at Porn Shop [VIDEO]
A San Francisco man was enjoying some adult videos in a private booth inside an area porn shop Wednesday when something stunning happened: he burst into flames.
Luckily, there was a firetruck only a block away, so when the human fireball rushed out into the street the firefighters were able to help …
Man Calls Police After Strippers Fail to Show Up at His Hotel Room
Apparently, the strippers at the On The Border gentlemen's club in Franklin, Wisconsin don't always honor honor a gentleman's agreement.
An Illinois man, who was visiting Wisconsin last week, dropped $1,000 in lap dances on two of On the Border's finest strippers, in part because the ladies promised …
Harry Potter Pole Dance [VIDEO]
Not much to say about this video, other than it's really effing weird.  I can imagine her casting a spell on me or just simply stabbing me after the dance. Some wild and wacky stuff man!