Halloween Safety Tips for Your Pet
With Halloween around the corner, it can be a pretty wicked experience for your pet. So, here are some Halloween safety tips that any pet owner should take to heart.
When is it Appropriate to Tip? [POLL]
We've all experienced that uncomfortable situation of not knowing when to tip. You don't want to feel like a jerk for not tipping but you may not have any spare change to leave as a tip. You're an even bigger jerk if you ask if it's customary to tip because then you look cheap, right? Hopefully, wit…
Back to School – 5 Tips for Kids Waiting at the Bus Stop
School is almost back in session, which means it’s time to start brushing up on tips for taking the bus. The school bus can be a great resource for time-strapped parents and independence-seeking children alike. But it also needs to be approached with safety and care.
Here are five tip…
How To Get Ready For Dallas Cowboy Football – Chaz’s Top 5 Tips
The Dallas Cowboys are coming off, yet, another underachieved year. A year which saw them lose their starting quarterback for several games, a mid-season coaching change, and a 6-10 record. One thing is for sure, is that each year, nothing changes as far as getting ready for a Dallas Cowboys footb…