Shay Says ‘Thank You’ to a Former Teacher
Did you ever have a teacher that really stood out and you wished you could go back and tell them thank you for the knowledge and guidance they gave you? I've had a few of those in my life, some elementary, some high school and even one from college. I recently ran into one of my favorite high s…
Shay Weighs in on the Atlanta Schools Cheating Scandal
Teachers and administrators in Atlanta, Georgia are turning themselves in for cheating and it could mean prosecution; not just a trip to the principals office. A total of 35 former educators and administrators are in trouble for falsifying and altering answers on students standardized test scores.
The Top 7 Most Inspiring TV Teachers
As kids around the world continue to put off their summer reading lists and inevitable Trapper Keeper shopping trips, teachers are already prepping to head back to school. And it's very likely that one of those hardworking people could be the biggest inspiration your kid's life. While