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Snoop Lion Takes on Santa in Epic Rap Battle
When Santa found out he was going up against Snoop Dogg, er, Snoop Lion in a rap battle, did he soil his red, velvety pants? Snoop Lion agreed to an 'Epic Rap Battle of History,' donned a robe, and played the part of Moses for this video.
The Wit And Wisdom Of Snoop Dogg [AUDIO]
Who doesn’t love Snoop?  Now, I could care less about his music, but I think he’d be cool to hang with (with our without his favorite party favor).  Snoop is cool and obviously very funny.  Check out some wisdom from Snoop after the jump.
Second Hand Song of the Day – The Gourds
My daily dose of cover tunes is not really rock, but they're all Texan, and that's fine in my book. Out of Austin, The Gourds covered Snoop Dogg's "Gin and Juice" many years ago and if you were to see them live you'd see that it's still a big hit for them a…
Which Rock Star Would You Spend The Day With?
Let's play a game of pretend. You have just been granted 1 wish, but this wish has restrictions. Which "Rock Star" would you spend the day with and why? That's right, your genie will only grant you the wish of spending a day with your favorite "Rock Star"…