Did a Pair of UFOs Visit Russia? [VIDEO]
To add to all the other craziness that goes on in Russia, some believe the country has recently been visited by aliens. The video below depicts what are described as “comet-like” UFOs cutting a fiery trail through the sky above Adygeysk, Russia last month.
Russian Band Rocks The Road [VIDEO]
A band on their way up has to practice and play whenever they get a chance.  Now you can practice and play while you drive to practice to play. Yeah, I said it.  More after the break.
Man Climbs to Top of Skyscraper Without Safety Gear [VIDEO]
The latest craziness from our friends in Russia comes courtesy of this fellow, who climbed to the top of one of Stalin’s skyscrapers in Moscow without the use of any safety gear.
He did bring along a helmet cam, so you can experience his stunt from the safety of your desk ch…
Crazy Ukrainian Teens Climb Bridge [VIDEO]
While we’re not quite sure if these Ukrainian teens are as recklessly insane as the train surfers from India we met a few weeks ago, the trio definitely made their bids for Darwin Award immortality by climbing to the top of a large suspension bridge in Kiev without the aid of any cli…
A New Pose Called Vilena [PICS]
A new naughty camera pose that's sweeping the country, well the country of Russia that is. Ladies take note, your man may ask for this one day and now you know what it is.