Watch What Happens When You Wring Out a Washcloth in Space
International Space Station Commander Chris Hadfield frequently answers questions, sent from Earth, via video. Well, this time around he was asked what would happen when he wrings out a wet washcloth in space.
What actually happens is pretty dang incredible, if you ask me.
Grandma Raided in NASA Sting For Trying to Sell Moon Rock
NASA officials recovered a tiny piece of a moon rock in a raid targeting a 74-year-old woman who tried to sell it at a California Denny’s restaurant.
The raid was the result of a five month investigation into the missing lunar material that netted a “speck of lunar dust smaller …
First Humanoid Robot In Space
The future is here. The first robot with human traits will be taking off with the shuttle on February 24th. Read more after the break.