Kitten Gets Scared by Lizard and Freaks Out
Kittens are naturally curious little animals. This one just happens to be sharing a home with 2 lizards. He stalks one lizard playing with it's tail while the second lizard just watches. Lizard 2 then makes his move!
Dog Stuck in Ravine With Kitten Barks Until Help Arrives
Here is a Friday feel good story for you. After hearing a dog barking continuously someone called animal control to find and take care of the problem. What the animal control officer found was a small dog in a ravine. What she didn't expect was the small kitten the dog had apparently adopted.
Kitten Fights Own Reflection in Mirror [VIDEO]
I was always told that animals can't see in the mirror like we do. It was explained that they don't see dimensions the same as we do therefore they can't see their reflection. Well I'm pretty sure this is proof that that theory is false.