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Jean-Claude Van Damme to Headline Amazon Original Series
Whenever I’m in a high pressure situation where I need to lead people to victory, I always quote Jean-Claude Van Damme in Street Fighter: “Who wants to go home ... and who wants to go with me?” It never fails. Always fires people. That’s the JCVD effect.
Jean-Claude Van Damme Does Zero Gravity Splits
OK, this may be getting a little out of hand. Remember Jean-Claude Van Damme did the splits in a Volvo commercial? Then Channing Tatum parodied the splits, while Chuck Norris did his own version of the splits between two airplanes. Well, Van Damme is back...again. This time he does zero gravity spli…
Watch Jean-Claude Van Damme Perform the Most Epic of Splits
There are few aging action stars as downright weird and lovable as Jean-Claude Van Damme, but he's gone and done something that transcends not only his career, but every major accomplishment in the history of the human race. Mr. Van Damme, known for his incredible physicality, but has topped it all.…
Chuck Norris, Jean Claude Van Damme Cast in ‘The Expendables 2′
While ‘The Expendables’ arguably featured the greatest collection of movie action heroes ever assembled, there were still a couple pretty prominent celluloid ass-kickers who weren’t in the cast.
It looks like the film’s writer/director/star Sylvester Stallone is trying remedy those oversights in the …