Tiny Tata Nano Car Coming to the US [VIDEO]
How would you like a small car, only 10 ft long, for $3000? That would be nice if it met all of the US safety standards, but as it stands this little car will triple in price by the time it gets to the states.
The Nano was actually built for the Indian market because of it's small size it is ab…
Why I Think Cars Should Not Be Legalized
These days all the things that are harmful to you are being legislated away. Personal freedoms are being taken away in the name of "protecting" you (I blame insurance companies even more than the government). Lately I've been obsessed with the idea, "what if cars we…
2011 Dodge Charger
My old man had a '68 Dodge Charger. It was the first time I went over 100 mph. So it was implanted in my head as a tiny little boy that the Dodge Charger was and always will be the most badass car around. Read more after the break.