Now here’s a high-tech fashion trend that we can get behind. Dutch design team Studio Roosegaarde has created the ‘Intimacy 2.0‘ line, which melds classic evening dress styling with the latest in smart panel design to make outfits that are cutting-edge and arousing.

Here’s how they work: the smart panels, made from translucent plastic, react to the fluctuations in the wearer’s heartbeat. They change from opaque to clear depending on electrical resistance, so if you want to see the goods, you’d better make that lady’s love muscle pump fast like a hummingbird.

Sure, this kind of thing seems a little ridiculous, but anything that makes the world of high fashion more like ‘Blade Runner’ should be embraced. Sadly, they’re not for sale on the open market right now, but if you’re filthy rich you can probably have one commissioned. Lookin’ at you, Adriana Lima.