While watching a sporting event, some people may not even realize what the announcer just said, but, if you have a dirty mind like myself, you catch it pretty quick. I'm talking about those sports terms and phrases that sound dirty but are not. Let's take a look at some from different sports.

  • Football

    • Looks like the hole closed on him before he was able to penetrate

    • They continue to pound the ball

    • That hole was so big you could drive a truck through it.

    • He could go all the way

    • The runner had to stretch it out to get it in

    • He goes deep

    • Look at that penetration in the backfield

    • He found his tight end

    • The defensive lineman straddles the quarterback but he's still able to get the ball off

    • He was wide open, but he let the ball fall right through his hands

    Al Bello, Getty Images
  • Baseball

    • That guy is swinging a big bat.

    • He throws a backdoor slider

    • Pitcher’s mound

    • Batter’s box

    • He hits it hard up the middle

    • Wow! That was a high hard one

    • He's got two balls on him

    • He popped a big one up

    • The squeeze play is on

    • He smacks it hard and it goes long and deep

    Jason Szenes, Getty Images
  • Golf

    • Look at the size of his putter

    • He missed the hole again

    • Looks like he bent his shaft

    • He really has a nice stroke

    • He's using a new ribbed grip on his shaft

    • He really whacked the heck out of that ball

    • He taps it in

    • He can't seem to get the ball in the hole today

    • After 18 holes, it's hard to even walk

    • He locates the hole really well

    David Cannon, Getty Images
  • Other Sports

    MMA: He's going for a rear naked choke.

    Hockey: He gets two minutes for butt ending and will have to go to the box.

    Basketball: He's being double teamed now so he might not get as much penetration

    Christian Petersen, Getty Images