No longer is the NFL Lockout putting the football season in danger, at this point it's going to affect the season somehow. Read more after the break.

The Hall Of Fame game is set for August 7th with the first full weekend of pre-season play set for August 11-15. The next meeting of the two sides is set for the 21st. It's virtually impossible for both sides to get their sh@t together in that amount of time. So who loses? Everybody and I'm not even considering sports fans (we'll switch over to college games). Stadium owners, host cities, hotels, hot-dog vendors, part-time parking attendants, people show sell t.v.s and so on and so on. I'm not an economist, but the amount of money the NFL circulates through the economy DEFINITELY rivals the gross national product of many nations.

So who's to blame? Well both sides for being hard-headed, but I'm going down on the owners for this one. They paid players exorbitant amounts of money and now they want to roll those salaries back. They are also the ones who called a "lockout" saying there would be no season unless a new agreement is made.

I think both sides should have committed to binding arbitration when they season started to be endangered. They could have played through a modified agreement then worked on all of it all over again during the off-season.

The NBA is also going through "lockout blues" and it may even be worse, because many of the players can (and are planning to) go play overseas while they wait for the two sides to come together.

Once again, it's not even the fans that lose, it's the entire economy. Hopefully we can migrate to collegiate sports and spread some cash through those systems.

In the end, "YES" pro athletes are overpaid, but people "vote" with their dollars and the people are paying the price to see these games, so they must think the athletes are worth it. I also have never seen an owners name on the back of a jersey. Then again, the fans want clean stadiums to go to, and good coaches leading the team and all of that has to come out of the owners pocket.

So there's no real way to simply fix a system that both sides are responsible for building. My prediction? Half of an NFL season at best, but I do believe the NBA will sort their stuff out in time because their players can't be starved out. What are your thoughts, your predictions and what are you going to do if there's no season?