Time for a good laugh this week.  These are some great pranks.  I'm not condoning or saying you should run out and try these on your friends, but they are pretty funny.  There's some bathroom humor, park humor, and some more bathroom humor. I was on a "roll" this week I guess.

This video is actually a show we've featured before out of England called "Just For Laughs". In this video the prankster has what looks like a skunk attached to a stick and pushes it under a park bench and scares people with it. Their random reactions are hilarious.

Remember the 80's TV show Cagney & Lacey with Tyne Daly and Sharon Gless? They are doing an interview on a show when the host pulls them into a prank that the producers have set up in a ladies room with two-way mirrors. The off the cuff comments of Sharon Gless are priceless and then they add in some great sound effects to top it off. My question is what's with all the naked Barbie dolls behind the show host?

The last video is a really bad husband. His wife is getting ready to go out. She's washed her hair and about to blow dry it when the prank comes. I'm not sure they are still married!