2012 was a great year in Rock radio. So great that we are going to count down the Top 108 rock songs of the year beginning at 7am on New Year's Eve.

Well, as we lead up to the countdown, we decided to give you a little preview of the Top 10 as we count down the Top 10 right here on our website.

Each day, we'll reveal the next song in the countdown, so keep checking back to see where your favorite falls in the Top 10 of 2012.

Each year, it seems Shinedown brings 5-7 songs to our Top 108 year-end countdown...and this year is no exception. While they have more songs than any other band in the countdown, they only have 1 in the Top 10 with their song 'Bully' as it comes in at #2. 'Bully' is their 1st single from their 4th studio album "Amarylis". The subject matter of the song is such a huge topic these days and I'm proud that 'rock' has bands, like Shinedown, that will bring attention to emotional and physical violence like this. No one likes a bully.

If you know of a child that is a victim of bullying, then click here for help.

The song is also featured on NHL '13 video game.

Watch Shinedown 'Bully' Video: