Our relationship with the band Royal Bliss goes back many, many years. So, it's natural that we're super excited about the release of their video for the new song 'Crazy'. You can find that song on their latest album "Waiting Out The Storm". Knowing the guys and all they've been through, that is probably the most appropriate album title that they could choose.

However, whether you know them or not, you don't have to be a genius to figure out the song 'Crazy' is a love song of sorts.

Well, Royal Bliss now have a video to go along with what was already one of the most amazing love songs you will ever hear.

I had the chance to chat with my ol' buddy Neal Middleton, singer of Royal Bliss, again and part of that chat was about the new video.

What was the video shooting experience like Neal?

Well, this is the first real video we have been in. It was awesome to have my family be a part of it as well, being the song is very personal to me.

It's a very unique video for sure, what would you say is one of the most unique aspects of it?

The hanger we shot in was the hanger that held the 'Enola Gay' (bomber that dropped atomic bomb) . Very fitting for the video concept.

Obviously the family aspect of the video is based on your family, but where or who did the futuristic war idea come from?

The concept came from the director, I told him the meaning of the song and he came up with the concept. We are the last band standing after the war and must rebuild the world with Rock n Roll.

OK, correct me if I'm wrong, but were those X-wing fighters in the video flying over your heads?

Ha ha, yeah they were the first edition x-wing fighters.

Any parting words for your fans Neal?

If it's broke fix it with booze (as he laughed out loud).

No since in waiting...time to watch the new video for 'Crazy' by Royal Bliss