Among the trending items this weekend was yet another, almost certainly made-up, Facebook status update comparing fast food workers who "want" $15 an hour (who. in the stories. ALWAYS get orders wrong, even though millions of them are correct every single day) and some sort of non-defined emergency services job making $11.

I could go on for days about how idiotic this comparison is.

There are so many faults in the logic that it's hard to pick the best one.

Let's just keep this simple. One has NOTHING to do with the OTHER. Zero. Nothing. It's a move by the author to appeal to your emotions and sway you to their side of the argument. Have you noticed that they always compare fast food workers to soldiers or EMTs? Why not compare them to fishmongers or insurance agents? Because they want to get you pissed, that's why.

How about I make this argument: Fast workers and emergency workers deserve the same pay. They both have to spend hours away from their families and their pets and have to be doing something they'd rather not be doing.

How about this argument: Fast food workers deserve to make more money than Congress because they keep me fed while congress sits around in air conditioned offices each day doing...something. These are the kind of dumb-headed arguments one could make when you start with faulty comparison like the EMT and the fast food worker.

There is one last thing that I have to include in this, even though it spins this thread sideways.

What does the EMT in the story hope to gain by devaluing the fast food workers' pay? Even if they are successful, it doesn't make the EMT worth more than their getting. In fact, that would mean less money in the economy, and eventually less money for them.

The secret to the person's worth is in that previous paragraph. A person is worth however much they feel is enough to pull them away from and to help provide for their families. It's none of your damn business what someone else is getting; worry about getting yours.

Once again, while you're fighting with your friends over a tiny slice of pie, some rich business douchebag is taking all the rest of the pie for himself. Quit falling for this crap.