Actor Timothy Stack plays Jack Rafferty, the anchor of "Pumpcast News", on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno's recurring segment called "Pumpcasting". Basically, "Rafferty" is an anchorman giving the news that is seen on video screens at gas stations, then all of sudden he begins to interact with those at the pump. Many times, his initial interaction with them startles the person at the pump.

Well, in this particular segment, "Rafferty" encourages a man, who was singing at the pump, to sing a Bon Jovi song as "Pumpcast News" paid for his gas.

So, the guy belts out some Bon Jovi, then Rafferty tries to get the crooners wife in on it...finally she sings at the pump and belts out an awesome version of "Sweet Dreams" by the Eurythmics.

Check out this hilarious bit here. You can't watch and not sing along.

There really isn't much I like about Leno's show (thank God Fallon is taking over) but I do like this segment a lot, especially when Leno invites the gas pump customers on the he did here.