Pantera recently revealed their 'Cowboys From Hell Cover Contest' urging bands to submit a video of their best cover song. And, it looks like some of our very own local rockers like Neffarious, have decided to take part in the contest.

Basically, bands are allowed to pick any Pantera song, record it, then, upload it to YouTube and with the hashtag #panteracoversfromhell. The video that generate the most “likes” will make it to the final 10 and be featured as part of the heavy metal showdown that launches at beginning April 18.

It's also said in the description for the contest that “unique takes and instruments are also welcome.”

So far, only Neffarious has done a video. But, I'm pretty sure we'll see some more local bands following suit. We'll keep you updated.

Neffarious - "Mouth For War"

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