Actors are not royalty. The are (sometimes) pretty people that get to play make believe. That doesn't mean they are better than us, it means that for the most part they are socially retarded. They are props in a writers story and they are almost always interchangeable.

Then there is Hollywood itself. They show their contempt for their own audiences by nominating pictures that for the most part no one cares about. Just about the worst thing a picture that wants awards can do is be popular.

And finally there's the presentation. What bothers me the most is the complete and utter lack of humor. Comedians are frequently hired to host because they are quick on their feet then are slammed after the event for being "disrespectful".

So, there will be a few calls at your house to turn on the Oscars "just to see what they're wearing" and I'll remind you that if any breasts fall out it will be on youtube tomorrow. There, I just saved you four boring hours.

Now you're asking, "what do you care if I watch the Oscars or not?" It's simple. Look at your paycheck. You probably worked hard 50+hours per week for that money. Now consider that you are supposed to worship these people who make more money in three months than you will make in a lifetime. As long as you keep supporting events like the Oscars these inequities will continue.