With the NFL lockout going on, several players are pursuing other hobbies.  Bengals receiver, Chad Ochocinco,  started playing soccer and Baltimore Ravens safety, Tom Zbikowski has stepped back into the professional boxing ring and Carolina Panthers QB, Jimmy Clausen went back to school.  None of them are making as big a splash as these NFL players who are using their free time for 'Free Reign', their rock band. 'Free Reign' consists of Dallas Cowboys offensive linemen Leonard Davis and Marc Colombo, as well as former Cowboys and current Miami Dolphins offensive lineman Cory Procter.  Rounding out the foursome as their guitarist is Justin Chapman.

You know what?  They are pretty good!

'Free Reign' released an EP called "Tragedy" last year and now have a full length record coming out on April 19th called "Heavier Than Metal".

First, check out the audio of the song "Tragedy".

Now, check them out in this concert footage performing the song "All In Vain". These guys are throwing down some serious metal!

I honestly think they sound pretty dang good - what do you think?

If you want to know more about 'Free Reign', check out their myspace page or their facebook page.