Simple enough, each day we'll feature 2 songs, you listen, then vote for your favorite. Any song that wins 5 in a row gets retired to the Cage Match Hall of Fame.

Members of the Cage Match Hall of Fame: Candlebox "Believe In It", Janus "Stains", Prospect Hill "Townie", Brian "Head Welch "Paralyze", Ivory & Ash "The Mystery of Maxx Duvall", Weaving the Fate "Str8 to the Bottom", Ghosts of August "Scars", Waiting For Signal "Sign of the Times".

Ghosts of August recently won the Ultimate Cage Match, which was a battle between all of the Hall of Fame songs.

Today, we have 2 Texas bands. My-I is up against Rockett Queen.

Rockett Queen has just been added to the Cavo lineup for May 1st. Details here.

This Cage Match will run until Midnight on Sunday, so tell your friends to vote.

Both are great songs, but only 1 will move on to the next Cage Match.

Check em out then vote below:

My-I "Haunted"

Rockett Queen "I Hate You"