Mother's Day is Sunday, May 10th and hopefully you've decided what you are going to do for your mom. If not, then I have a few ideas here that might help you out.

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    Eating Out

    There are many restaurants to chose from to take mom to for a great meal. No one has to cook or clean up and that frees up more time to spend with mom doing something fun. Let mom choose where she wants to eat, even if you don't care for her choice, it's her day so go with it. My mom loves Abuelo's, Cracker Barrel, Red Lobster, and Texas Roadhouse. I also found that Remington's Restaurant inside the MCM Elegante Suites will be having a special Mother's Day Buffet. You do need to make reservations though. There will be 3 seatings; 11:30 am, 1:00 pm and 2:30 pm. They have a special carving table with prime rib and baked ham. Entrees include fried talapia, turkey and dressing, chicken enchiladas, beef fajitas, and baked lemon chicken with mushroom sauce. Sides include mashed red potatoes, green beans, buttered carrots, corn o'brien, wild rice blend, pinto beans a salad bar,  dessert table and more. It ranges in price from $11.95(kids 5-10, under 4 are free), $19.95(seniors) and  $21.95(adults).  This is by reservation only. Contact Crystal at 325-698-1234.

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    Spa Day

    Treat mom to a day at the spa.  I would start this day with brunch (see above suggestions) then take her for a facial, massage, mani/pedi, and/or hair style. All women love to be pampered so give her a chance to just relax and enjoy a stress free day. We have some great spas here in Abilene like Absolute Perfection, Vendetta's, Avanti, Image Sculptors, and  Pura Vida to name just a few.

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    Store Bought Gifts

    Mom's love jewelry! I bought my mom a Pandora bracelet a couple of years ago. Now for special occasions and holiday's I buy her a new charm to add to the bracelet. Flowers and plants are good gifts for mom, as is chocolate. Vleta's candies would be a great gift for mom; homemade chocolates from right here in Abilene. You can get mom a gift card to her favorite place to shop. If your mom likes to drink wine you could buy her a bottle of her favorite wine or even make a small gift basket around the wine. You could had some cheeses and maybe even those chocolates I mentioned.

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    Homemade Gifts

    I'm a crafty person, as is my mom, so we love to do things together. I want to make a special scrapbook for my mom of things that we've done together. Mom and I are very close so we go on trips together, took dance together, we've taken cake decorating and cooking classes together, zip-lined, swam with dolphins, para-sailed and more. We have literally done everything together and I would love to have a book of all of those adventures to share with her. You can make mom something or do something crafty together. Not only will you have a special day together but you will also have a keepsake.

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    Do Chores

    Remember when your mom used to make you do chores? Well this time you could just volunteer. You could do some housework and laundry, maybe mow the lawn or trim the trees. Maybe she needs some handy work done; pictures hung, fence fixed, painting done.  You could even take her car and have it cleaned or go to the grocery store for her. You might even combine this with my #2 suggestion and send her out for a spa day while you spend the day doing her chores. (Hey it's just a suggestion)

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