Business Insider conducted a recent poll of Americans and asked respondents about their feelings about the states. The topics included about the states were weirdest accent, best and worst food, favorite and least favorite, craziest, hottest and ugliest residents, most beautiful and worst scenery, drunkest, best vacation spot, most arrogant, rudest, nicest, smartest, dumbest, best and worst sports fans, most overrated, most underrated, and which you'd like to see kicked out of America.

Mind you, these respondents (we call them morons here in Texas) were instructed to pick a state that wasn't there own in each category.

According to this survey, the rest of America wants Texas kicked out.

Also according to the same survey, Texas was their least favorite.

Who knows, maybe the opinion of a few nut-jobs, that think secession is actually a viable option for Texas, is what tainted these people's thoughts on Texas.

Regardless, I live in Texas and love it here, so eff you America. Don't judge us until you come hang with us. I assure you, this place is great. Yeah, we could probably use a little help in the 'scenery' department, but overall, the people are great, we don't cook brisket in the oven and there's no state income tax.

Oh yeah, we're also very apologetic. For example, we'd like to apologize for Rick Perry and his potential candidacy for President. You see, we're good people.

Take a look at the all of the questions and their results here. It really is pretty humorous what these people think of other states.

Oh yeah, Texas is also home to the Dallas Cowboys and Houston Texans Cheerleaders. 'Nuff said.

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