What does a mariachi band and Slayer have in common?  Absolutely nothing.  But, when you add Slayer drum master, Dave Lombardo to the mariachi mix, you get a pretty insane version of 'Raining Blood'. 

Apparently, the mariachi band is in to metal and actually have called themselves 'Metalachi'.  Their Facebook page says that one day, they stumbled across a Black Sabbath album cover after crossing the border.  The band held on to the album and used it as an influence to their own music - but with a Mexican twist.

Fast forward to present day and at a recent show, the now L.A. based band was joined on stage by Slayer drummer, Dave Lombardo to perform the Slayer classic 'Raining Blood'.

I think they actually did a good job on the cover and, of course, Dave kills it.  This is a cover unlike any that you have ever seen.

Dave Lombardo Joins Mariachi Band for 'Raining Blood'