Here is a beautiful story of love, trust and friendship but it's not between humans but human and animal. Two conservationists took in a lion cub after she was abandoned. She shows affection for the two men but hasn't forgotten she is a lion.

With the encroachment of man on the open lands animals and their food sources are dwindling. The goal of the Modisa Wildlife Project, based in Africa, is to help find a way for farmers and wildlife to co-exist. Mikkel and Valentin have worked with Sirga since,as a cub, she was driven from her pride and left to die. They have taught her to hunt food on her own and not depend on them. She also treats the two men as if they were other lions.

When they found the cub on their property they couldn't let her die but didn't want her turned over to a zoo either. She only interacts with the two men, she does not associate with other humans. She brings down her own food like antelopes and such and feeds just as a wild animal should. Yet she will play and even hug the two men as if she was a house cat.

Watch the two men and Sirga interact with one another

Check out this link for more information and some touching still shots of this beautiful bond between Mikkel, Valentin and Sirga.