To sum up my morning, I watched world-class skier Lindsey Vonn reach into the pocket of the U.S. President's Cup golf team's assistant captain Davis Love III, pull out a baby squirrel, then place it on the shoulder of Tiger Woods. No, really.

That is exactly what happened. I'm not describing a photoshopped internet picture I say, or relaying a dirty joke in overheard one of my co-workers tell. No, it all really happened. They even gave the varmint a name. Sammy. And here's the video proof:

Apparently, Love III was feeding the baby squirrel earlier in the day, and since that point, the United States team hadn't lost a hole in the President's Cup competition. So, being superstitious, the team assistant captain kept the little critter with him as a good luck charm. I guess these days four squirrel feet are the equivalent of one rabbit's foot.

Unbelievable? Fine, here's a clip of Davis Love III taking the baby squirrel for a leisurely drive in a golf cart as analysts tell the story: