We just had a rare event happen with the annular solar eclipse, coming up in June there will be a similar event with the planet Venus. It’s called the Transit of Venus 2012 and it’s when the planet passes directly between the sun and the earth. Unless you plan on living a very long life this will be the only one you will ever see; the next one won’t be until 2117.

The Transit of Venus is generally how the size of our solar system is measured. With this event you will again need to take some precautions when viewing. If you saved your “eclipse shades” from last week, you can use those and of course solar filtered telescopes can be used too. However, you might just want to head out to the Abilene State Park and check out their Venus Transit astronomy party and star gazing event. The Big Country Astronomy Club and Friends of Abilene State Park will be hosting the event.





Venus Transit Astronomy Party and Star Gazing


Tuesday, June 5


3:30 pm-10 pm


Abilene State Park

150 Park Road 32

Tuscola, TX 79562


Park entrance fees apply

  • Adult: $5 Daily
  • Child 12 Years and Under : Free
  • Group – Adult: $3 Daily


Big Country Astronomy Club will be there to help you see and understand the event.

There will be some equipment set up for you to use, however, depending on attendance use may be brief. You are welcome to bring your own viewing equipment as well including a red flashlight and lawn chair.

After the Venus Transit viewing there will be a star gazing party to finish up the evenings events.


For more details contact the Abilene State Park at (325) 572-3204

Transit of Venus website

Abilene State Park website