Maybe it wasn't a good idea for Wade and James to poke a little fun at Dirk Nowitzski, considering their game 5 collapse to the Mavs last night. Check out this video of Lebron James and Dwyane Wade mocking Dirk Nowitzski.

I have never been a Lebron James fan, even before he took his talents to South Beach, and I dang sure haven't been a Dwyane Wade fan since his 2006 squad came back to beat the Mavs in those NBA Finals. So for them to lose game 5 last night to the Mavs, putting the pressure back on the Heat to win, was sweet!

What was even sweeter, was the fact that the win came on the heels of Wade and James making fun of Dirk.

I hope the Mavs kick their ass on Sunday.

Here's dumb and dumber mocking Dirk.