In This Moment recently stormed through Abilene and put on an incredible show at The Lucky Mule.  Before the show, I was able to interview Maria and Chris from the band, and one of the things I found out from that interview, is that they recorded the song 'Closer' from Nine Inch Nails.

The song was not included on In This Moment's latest album 'Blood', but, it was included if you got the iTunes version of the album. It wasn't until I was talking with Maria Brink and Chris Howorth from the band, that I found out that they did this cover song.  I think the song is pretty dang cool.  Judge for yourself and check out the song now, which does have some NSFW language in it.

In This Moment Covers 'Closer' From Nine Inch Nails

How do you think this cover song ranks up there with other cover songs?