Each weekday afternoon around 4, I give you a chance to win some stuff out of the Rock 108 prize vault with the 'Fourplay at Four'. If you want to win some cool free stuff, like concert tickets, CD's and more, then here's all the details on how to get some free swag.

Each weekday around 4pm, I will play 4 songs in a row.  All you  have to do is remember those 4 songs by the artist, the song title and the order I played them in. Then, just be the first caller at 676-KEYJ, and score.  Yep, pretty dang easy, right?

It's just another easy way you can get your hands on some free stuff just by listening to us.

So, listen to us on the radio, online, or on Radiopup, for your chance to win with the 'Fourplay at Four'.