I think we can all agree that hot girls posting up pictures of themselves on their Twitter account,  just makes you feel better and puts a smile on your face.  Well, it's time to smile again as we take a look at this week's Hot Twitter Girl of the Week - Bre Marie.

Bre, who goes by @brestease on Twitter, was Playboy's Miss Social July,  as well as  Playboy Cyber Girl.  This hottie, who lives in Oklahoma, is a small town girl who is  a model, a make up artist and she actually works with special needs people.  Hot and compassionate - dig it! During all of that, she finds time to post some smokin' hot pictures of herself on Twitter.  You can also check out more pictures on her Facebook page.

Enjoy this week's Hot Twitter Girl of the Week - Bre Marie and be sure to check out all the other hotties on our site.

Pictures of Bre

Bre Likes To Belly Dance Too