Ah, Hooters. That awesome place that has some of the hottest servers on the planet - and, oh yeah, their wings are not bad either. Millions of dudes have tried to pick up one of these hotties, including myself in my single days. Though, there have been success for some, most have been left wondering why the heck they used the lame pick up line. What better way to educate yourself on the dangers of using these crappy pick up lines than to hear it from the lovely ladies of Hooters themselves.

On Hooters YouTube channel, you'll find the worst pick up lines given to the hotties that bring you your beer and wings.  Let's take a look at a few of them.

Georgia Hooters Girl

Naples Hooters Girl


Toledo Hooters Girl

Tennessee Hooters Girl

Atlanta Hooters Girl

No matter what state, there seems to be some pretty lame pick up lines, right?  Or did you even have the volume up on your computer?

Anyway, have you ever dropped some lame pick up line on a Hooters girl - or any other girl for that matter? What is the worst pick up line you have ever heard or said to someone?  Girls, have you ever used a pick up line on a guy?

While you ponder those questions, I say we check out more Hooters girls.  You're welcome.