The 2nd Annual Requests for Breasts campaign is October 22nd-26th, so please mark those dates on your calendar now. It's pretty simple really, when your requests come with the appropriate donation, we'll play anything you want to hear. This year, we're also selling 'Save the Boobies' t-shirts. The proceeds, like last year, benefit the Alliance for Women and Children here in Abilene.

The Alliance for Women and Children is a great organization that pays for pap smears and mammograms for those women who are financially unable to do so themselves. There's no reason a woman should be without the proper medical attention to prevent (and fight) breast and cervical cancer.

Here's how Requests for Breasts works:

Come by the Rock 108 Studios at any time to make your request, pick your time that it's played and drop off your donation. Then during October 22nd and 26th, just listen for your song(s). It's as easy as that. A $5 (minimum) donation is required for 'rock' songs and $10 for everything else outside of our format. For example, Papa Roach equals $5 and George Strait equals $10. You can make as many requests as you want, as long as the money is there.

We're giving 100% of the proceeds to the Alliance for Women and Children.

You can also pick up your awesome looking 'Save the Boobies' t-shirts here at the Rock 108 studios too.

So help us save the boobies this year please!