With 'Batman Vs Superman' still way off in the future, there is still plenty of hype surrounding the movie. In fact, fans are starting to make their own videos with some of them being pretty cheesy, while some are pretty dang cool. Take this fan filmed 'Batman Evolution' that shows the transformation of the 1960's Batman into the Dark Knight. It's a pretty crazy video with lots of cool affects and comedy - particularly when referring to Robin's real name.

From CBM (Comic Book Movie) comes this short film which features actor and real life ninja Eric Gable as Batman, Joel Hebner as Black Mask, and Mark Erman as Robin.

Eric explains what it was like to make the film:

"Batman Evolution was super fun to make! And although it IS a comedy, in the midst of all the silliness we get a chance to show off authentic ninjutsu techniques for the first time on film. This is the martial art Batman supposedly trained in, yet we’ve never seem him use it…before now. I traveled to Japan to study ninjutsu years ago, and I'm really surprised no one has brought it to film yet. Literally, all the "ninja" movies to date are actually using karate. And, I truly mean no offense to anyone by saying this, to me it's like having a movie about baseball where everyone's actually playing football! I really do have a sense of humor about it though. Anyway, creating the real "ninja Batman" is something I've been dreaming of for years." (via CBM)