Here is our list of the 10 funniest video games to make your sides split.

Funny video games are few and far between. Some games make pitiful attempts at gamer giggles. (I’m looking at you Duke Nukem: Forever!) But, where some games fall flat, others rise on the helium high of laughter and into our list of the 10 funniest games.

If laughter is what you're looking for, look no further than this definitive list.


Uncharted Series


Kicking off our 10 funniest video games list is the Uncharted series. Nathan Drake, like all great adventure heroes, is never without his arsenal of wise cracks. Scattered throughout these games are fantastic cutscenes full of some slapstick gags, crackling one-liners, and brilliant ensemble acting. In each game, the world seems to be out to get Drake, but he keeps himself up beat by taking the tension out of situations with some self assured snide remarks. He also like to say “Ah, crap!” a LOT.



Command and Conquer: Red Alert 3


War is no laughing matter, but the absurd premise and amazing live action cutscenes in Red Alert 3 might make you giggle a little bit. Featuring Tim Curry, George Takei, and J.K. Simmons. Each one of their performances is completely over the top and makes playing this RTS a completely hilarious experience. In fact, this game might feature some of Tim Curry’s best acting since Muppet Treasure Island.



Brutal Legend


Tim Schafer and Jack Black team up for a metal fueled game full of music, meyhem, and mirth. A roadie is killed trying to save his beloved band, but a bit of blood gets on to his belt buckle which summons a demon who takes Eddie Riggs to the Heavy Metal World. Right from the start, you know this will be absurd. Featuring some fantastic voice acting from Jack Black, Lemmy Kilmeister, and Ozzy, Brutal legend will keep you entertained with hack and slash actions, RTS thinking, and musical references. Plus you can smash someone in the face with a flying V guitar and who wouldn’t want to do that.



Day of the Tentacle


Those familiar with Tim Schafer’s signature style of absurd stoytelling will be very familiar with the games that he developed in his Lucasarts years. Day of the tentacle is a time bending adventure game that will keep you giggling. With a mad scientest in the basement, a number of playable characters, and a port-o-potty that has the ability to transport items through time, you will be at no loss for laughs while playing this old school adventure.



Monkey Island Series


Lucasarts alum, Tim Schafer, knows how to make a hilarious game. While there, Schafer turned out some of the funniest video games ever conceived. He began the Monkey island series and adventure games have never been the same. Guybrush Threepwood is the bumbling protagonist. Continuing with the theme of silly names, three of the main islands in the Carribean you can visit are Melee island, Booty Island, and Plunder island. Who wouldn’t want to visit each of those?



Grim Fandango


Back in the heyday of Lucasarts, you had a little game called Grim Fandango. This outrageous adventure game features Manuel “Manny” Calavera as he tries to unravel the mysteries between death and, well, more death. Taking place in the underworld before the underworld, Grim Fandango is a hilarious spanglish filled, neo-noir romp through a tale you’re sure to remember and giggle quietly to yourself every time you see some day of the dead artwork.



South Park


If you took Goldeneye and skinned it with the tinsel of a South Park Thanksgiving, you’d have this game. Evil turkeys have taken over South Park and it’s up to the boys to take them down using anything from piss covered snowballs to cowlaunchers and Terrence and Phillip fart grenades. You’re treated to a flurry of swearing and censored bleeps as you make your way through this ridiculous FPS. Also, it’s a South Park game, how could it not make it onto our 10 funniest video games list?



Conker's Bad Fur Day


One boss is a giant anthropomorphic pile of diarrhea and you have to beat it by tossing giant rolls of toilet paper into its gob. If we have to say more, then you clearly aren’t paying attention. Oh, did we mention that it’s chock full of movie references too? Easily one of the 10 funniest video games ever.



Portal 2


Coming up a close second on our 10 funniest games is the sequel to our funniest game ever. That’s right, Portal 2. You’re back in the sattle, or Aperature Boots, as Chell and trying once again to escape that loveable but oh so evil GLaDOS. But, you’re treated to two more characters sure to brighten your testing experience. Wheatly, voiced by Stephen Merchant, is another AI who dithers his way about the Aperature facility while trying to help you escape. Later you’ll find the disembodied voice of Cave Johnson, the head of Aperature. His recordings help you find your way out from the deeper reaches of the facility, but you can be sure they are worth a few laughs. Combustible lemons, what will Cave think up next.





In the pantheon of perfect games, Portal reigns supreme as the funniest video game ever. In addition to being a singular vision complemented by stellar controls and ingenious puzzles, Portal is the funniest game you will ever play. GLaDOS, a narcissitic and passive agressive AI, doggs you the entire game with comments like “Remember, the Aperture Science Bring Your Daughter to Work Day is the perfect time to have her tested.” and “That thing you burned up isn't important to me; it's the fluid catalytic cracking unit. It makes shoes for orphans… nice job breaking it, hero.” GLaDOS makes your journey through puzzling test chamber after test chamber an utter joy. Without her soothing voice whispering horrible lies in your ear, Portal wouldn’t be the same… without SCIENCE… you monster.