Lamb of God vocalist Randy Blythe‘s arrest in Prague, Czech Republic, has turned into one of the most discussed music news stories of 2012. As more information about the incident-in-question and Blythe’s current condition surfaces, metal fans worldwide have been showing overwhelming support for the vocalist. Now, All Shall Perish guitarist Ben Orum is selling ‘Free Randy‘ shirts, with 100% of the proceeds going directly towards Blythe’s legal fund.

Randy Blythe was arrested as Lamb of God landed in Prague on Wednesday, June 27, and has been held by law enforcement ever since. The metal community has continued to support Blythe, with a ton of musicians sending their love through Twitter, interviews from the 2012 Mayhem Fest and in countless other ways.

As the video footage of the alleged 2010 incident surfaced, even more fans seem to be taking Blythe’s side.

Now that it appears that the Lamb of God vocalist will face another 10 days in prison as the Prague justice system decides how to handle this situation, fans who cry havoc may now directly give their help to Blythe and his impending legal fund by purchasing an official ‘Free Randy’ t-shirt for only $10. Passionately stated by All Shall Perish’s Ben Orum and, the shirts are being sold because, ‘WE THINK IT’S BULLS–T!’

Those fans who want to support Blythe can head over to VIPmerch to purchase a ‘Free Randy’ t-shirt, with all the proceeds raised going straight to the legal fund of the currently imprisoned vocalist.