So, you decide to take the family out for pizza one night and you happen to stroll into Rock and Roll Pizza in Moorpark, California and you hear music by the Foo Fighters. Naturally instinct is to thing it's coming from the jukebox. Only this jukebox is much louder than others. You look over and who do you see? Dave Grohl and company rocking out to some of their biggest hits.

Yeah, that happened recently at a pizza joint in California.

To get warmed up for a couple of shows down in Mexico City, the Foo Fighters played a two and a half hour secret gig at a little pizza place.

How lucky were those SOBs in attendance? Seriously. The Foo Fighters are one of my favorite bands of all-time. Had something happened like that to me, I'd probably skip the pizza and go straight for the cold beer and shots.

Here's footage from that intimate show.