I am proud to say I work with the greatest sweets fairy on the planet. Her name is Vicki and not only does she keep a lot of candy in her office, but she stocks a wide variety. Well, the other day I was rummaging through her bowl of candy and came across Sixlets. We both talk about how we haven't seen Sixlets in years.

I remember Sixlets being my favorite candy as a kid. As an adult, it's a close 2nd to a Heath Bar. The thought of eating Sixlets as a kid got me thinking about other candy I loved as a kid: Now n Later, Chunky Bar, Big League Chew and Charleston Chew.

What about you? What was your favorite candy as a kid? Leave your comments below then we'll vote on the best childhood candy.

No, you can't count the candy you ate in a strange van that one afternoon after school.