The People of Walmart website has, literally, reached 'cult' status thanks to the hilarious pictures (and captions) of real people from Walmart's all over the country. Heck, you've probably received and forwarded a handful of emails that had 'People of Walmart' pictures in them. Well, the website has gone to print in the form of books and calendars. I had the pleasure to talk to Andrew Kipple, co-creator, about his website that has become more viral than the swine flu.

We talked about the inception of the website, gut-busting pictures, and the task with adding captions to the hilarious photos; as well as their books and calendar.

Listen to the interview here

If you've been living under a rock for the past few years, then the pictures below should serve as a fine example of the ridiculously funny pictures you'll get on the website, books and calendar.


I'm sure you've seen these types of people out time, get your camera ready!