AOL News is reporting there is now an alternative to cremation or the six foot slumber, and it's a little shocking. First they stick what's left of you into a tube and then put a little chemical cocktail in with you, here's the rest of the process from the story:

The decomposition process occurs with water and potassium hydroxide, which is then heated for at least three hours. Tissue and organs are dissolved into the liquid, while the bone is left behind as an ashy mixture similar to a cremation. The leftover water is treated and then flushed down a drain.

Okay, now think about the last of that sentence, the "leftover water is treated and then flushed down the drain". EEeewwww! It's going to take a little while to get used to the idea. With the human body being mostly water, it makes sense, but it's a little rough to deal with. For the record there is a little leftover "matter" that the family can bury or whatever.

The benefit to this process is that it is eco-friendly and that is why it was developed and may soon spread. Right now, even though there are a few places performing the process, there are no permits that have have been issued. California is currently leading the charge to make this an acceptable and legal way of dealing with human remains.

So, I'm all for cremation and one of those people who thinks when your dead, your dead and it really doesn't matter what happens with the leftover meat. What are your thoughts? Would you consider the process?