Is there a person on this earth that doesn’t know the effects of cigarette smoking?  Read more after the jump.

The FDA is planning on making cigarette manufacturers label the entire top half of each pack of smokes with various graphic images.  I don’t think it will discourage anybody from smoking and I think much like record warning labels it will probably encourage MORE teens to engage in it because it has been identified as “risky” behavior.

That’s not the real problem I have with it.  I feel like every person on this planet should have the right to live and/or die as they choose.  If smoking makes me happy but I only live to be 60, we’ll at least I was happy for 60 years.  If a person dies of drinking at 55, big deal, They made a choice and had fun.  If a motorcyclist thinks it’s worth risking a head injury to feel the breeze through their hair every day until they day they die, then so be it.

I really don’t see where we gave the government the authority to try to extend our lives. I think you should be allowed to engage in any behavior you want as long as it don’t encroach on someone else s freedoms. I think the FDA should stick with the food chain; at this point we don’t need the harm cigarettes cause hammered into our heads.  What are your thoughts?  (btw-I’m an ex-smoker, not because of the health or money risks, I got tired of it due to the time demands).