I can't believe people sometimes. Rather than fight for their fair share, they'd rather put someone else down.  There's an old saying that I've been thinking about a lot lately and it basically says that a slave doesn't dream of being free, he deserves of being the master. Yeah, it's like that.  So instead of fighting for what they deserve, people fight to keep others down.

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This is the text of a popular meme going around (verbatim):

Can't wait for the minimum wage to be $15 bucks and hour. I'll quit my high=stress career as a medic and go make coffees at dunks 40 hours a week. I'll cry poor me and jump on the mass health/snap benefit express and leave all this behind. Won't have to worry about driving that 8 ton box truck, as fast as the f@cker will go, to help the party no breathing. Won't have to worry about getting jumped walking into the local junkie den at 2 a.m without PD behind me. Won't have to be worried about the brass breathing down my next, my certs being up to date, my boots shined or my shirt tucked in..Nope!

So there you go, the latest volley in a fight pitting us against each other. This is just another asshole, instead of fighting for what he/she deserves, putting down somebody else. There's no glory or common sense in this. This is what politicians want you to do, they want the bottom rung to fight for a small piece of the pie while they take the rest of the pie for themselves.

Anyone who would give up saving lives just because they could make the same amount of money serving donuts is surely a piece of crap to begin with.  And if it's money and not pride that keeps you doing what your doing, you'll eventually be found out and you won't be doing it for much longer.

So do donut shop workers deserve $15 an hour? Do paramedics deserve $15 an hour? I'll let the market decide what these people are worth, but I can tell you that the guy who wrote this meme isn't worth shit.