Well, December has begun, which means the losing has begun as well for the Dallas Cowboys who can't seem to get things right in the last month of the year.  After coming up with last minute wins the past few games, the Cowboys were on the losing end of a last minute score as the Arizona Cardinals snapped the Cowboys win streak with a 19-13 overtime win. The Cowboys had a chance to win the game in regulation with a Dan Bailey 49 field goal attempt that was actually made.  But, a Jason Garrett timeout,  as Bailey kicked the ball, took the points off the scoreboard and the clutch kicker had to do it again, only to hook it to the left and force overtime with the score tied at 13.

In overtime, the Cardinals got the ball first and proceeded to take it to the Dallas defense, capping the winning drive off with a 52 yard touchdown to steal the win and mess with the Cowboys playoff chances.

Thanks, Jason Garrett.

In my opinion, you can thank Jason Garrett for the loss.  I mean, how on earth are you going to have the best running back in the league the past 5 games in DeMarco Murray and you let him rush only 12 times in the game?  Really?

Forget about the timeout that pretty much iced his own kicker in the closing moments of the game. Garrett should not have had his team in that position in the first place.  You got a quality back and have had such huge success with the running game which creates passing lanes in the pass game, and you run the guy 12 times.  I just don't get it.

The Cowboys could have been resting at the top of the NFC EAST with a 2 game lead over the New York Giants (who lost to the Packers), but nope.  Jason Garrett did it again.

People wonder why Dallas does so bad in December.  It's not because of Tony Romo.  Heck, it's not even really the team.  A team will only go as far as their coach can take them and Garrett seems to just let things go in December and forgets what got the Cowboys in the position they were in.

So, now, the Cowboys still sit atop the NFC EAST - but barely.  With the New York Giants coming up next, and the fact that we are in December, the odds are stacked.  Which Cowboys team will show up next week?  Or, better yet, which kind of a coach in Jason Garrett will we get next week?

It's obvious who I blame this loss on.  It's not Tony Romo, who completed 28 of 42 passes for 299 yards, a TD and NO interceptions.  No, this loss is all on Jason Garrett.

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In the meantime, check out a recap of the game in pictures.