Jerry Jones should consider installing Heimlich Maneuver signs all through Cowboy Stadium so that someone - anyone, can save the Cowboys from choking. The Dallas Cowboys gave up a 12 point lead in the fourth quarter to lose to the New York Giants, 37-34  on Sunday Night Football. The game went back and forth with several lead changes throughout until the fourth quarter,  when the Cowboys finally broke it open.  Tony Romo threw two fourth quarter touchdowns to take a commanding 34-22 lead with 5:41 left in the game.

That is when it all fell apart for the Cowboys - again.

Eli Manning led the Giants to two TD's in 5 minutes to take the lead with :46 seconds left in the game. Even then, the Cowboys still had a chance as Tony Romo threw a couple of great passes to get Dallas  in field goal range.  But, just like last week against the Cardinals, Dan Bailey kicked the field goal and made it through the uprights, but at the last possible second, was iced by a timeout.  After setting up to re-kick the ball, it was blocked by Giants defensive lineman, Jason Pierre- Paul.

End of game.

How the heck can you give up a 12 point lead with 5 minutes left to lose the game?  How do you give up a 24 point lead in the second half to eventually lose to Detroit?

The Cowboys seem to be doing this a lot this year.  They have been in several games only to blow a lead in the end.  They did it against the Jets.  They did it against New England.  Of course, everybody knows about the Detroit game. I don't know if it's because of the coaches, or the players, or both, but,  they are just flat out giving these games away.

You can't blame it on the run game.  Felix Jones filled in nicely for the injured DeMarco Murray who broke his ankle and out for the seaon.  Jones rushed for over 100 yards.  So, that's not it.

How about Tony Romo?  No, you can't blame it on him.  Romo was 21 of 31 for 321 yards and threw 4 TD's and no interceptions.

Jason Garrett?  Well, he didn't ice his own kicker this time, and he did get back to the running game.  Offensively, the Cowboys had no problems moving the ball.

This loss, as every other loss this season, goes on the defense.  The defense is just not that good.  No matter how many times I try to tell myself they are, they just are not that good.  The secondary keeps getting burned just about every game.  Sure, Demarcus Ware is as good as advertised and there are a few other key players that are awesome like Sean Lee, but the defense,  as a whole,  is horrible.  I don't know what Rob Ryan is thinking, but why in the world did he keep blitzing Manning when they were getting burned on it the whole game?

The Cowboys had a chance to really break this season open.  A win against the Cardinals, and a win against the Giants would have secured the NFC EAST, but instead,  the Cowboys choked again and now have to win out just to have a chance to get into the playoffs.  One of those wins must come against Giants in the last game of the season - at the Meadowlands.  Yeah, good luck with that.

Do you think the Cowboys will win out to get into the playoffs?  Will they choke again?  Will Beavis finally tell Butthead how he really feels?

Feel free to comment below.

In the meantime, here is a recap of the game in pictures.