Our completely rockin’ sister site Loudwire is reporting that Dave Mustaine wants to form a “Supergroup” featuring himself, bass player Dave Ellephson, and Metallica’s Lars Ulrich and James Hetfield.  Thoughts after the jump:

For the love of God DON’T DO IT!  I’m sorry but Metallica has more than paid for their past “sins” against Dave Mustaine.  They’ve made Dave more paychecks this year than he’s gotten in any year previous.  This whole “Big Four” stuff needs to stop and die.  I like Megadeth…I don’t like Megadeth in concert.  I don’t give a sh@t about Anthrax, and Slayer is like an entirely different beast than all of them. Why would I want to hear Mustaine solo while Hetfield sings when I can hear Kirk Hammet solo while Hetfield sings (the way God intended). Also, when was the last time a “Supergroup” made a song or record that you gave a crap about? Being in a band is like being in a team sport, a tight unit is always better than a group of “all-stars”. Dave Mustaine should talk to Lebron James about putting together this kind of group.  And I’m sure there are Metallica haters that don’t want to hear Hetfield sing over a Megadeth riff either. Lastly, what does this say about the players left out? Are you going to tell Kirk and Robert that they aren’t “super” enough?

Anyways, this appears to be a pipe dream of Mustaines who says that Hetfield never really gave him an answer on the project.  Read the entire article here.

What are your thoughts? Do you want to hear a big bowl of metal mush, or do you think this kind of thing might work?