Cold, Evolve Thru Scars, The Raven Charter, and One Eyed Doll rocked the Lucky Mule for the Painman's Birthday Bash.  Check out a recap of the show in pictures. One Eyed Doll took the stage first and they surprised me with a System of a Down sort of a vibe.  They were basically a two piece band.  I kept looking for a third person playing guitar or bass because they had a pretty full sound for just a guitarist/singer and a drummer.  These guys were definitely entertaining as she kept telling us stories as well.

The Raven Charter were up next.  This Dallas based band brought a really cool sound  and kept everybody glued to the stage with a mix of some funk, alternative rock and lots of energy.

Evolve Thru Scars rocked the stage next and were simply bad ass.  Cranking out tunes like "On The Outside", they brought the bounce out of everybody.  There was not a person in the house not bouncing and banging their head.  These guys rocked the hell out of everybody and definitely left me wanting more.

Epic is the only word I can use to describe Cold.  Of course, I've been a huge fan of Cold's for a long time, but these guys really know how to put on a show and there was not a song they played that everybody wasn't singing along to, especially when they played "Stupid Girl" and "Wicked World".  Great band and some really cool guys as well.

The whole show was very cool and if you missed it, you should probably get in the fetal position and cry yourself to sleep.  Bad ass show!

Now, check out a recap in pictures.  If you have any pictures you took of the show, feel free to post them up on our Facebook page.