Hinder is back with their 4th album (best in my opinion) Welcome to the Freakshow. Cody Hanson, drummer and my son (see below), took a few minutes to chat with me about the album, tattoos, vodka and my paternity.

Pain: Welcome to the Freakshow is your 4th studio album and the first single, Save Me, is pretty aggressive, but you also incorporate other styles into this new album as well. Tell us what inspired the direction of the new album and what’s the overall feel of the album?

Cody: Well, that's what we wanted to avoid on this album was an "overall feel". We just wanted to release an album with great songs. When it came time to record, we produced each song for the song. There were no rules on this one. Every track is completely different.

Pain: You guys have partnered with Best Buy to offer BB customers exclusive bonus tracks with the new album…how did you decide which tracks to include as the bonus songs? I see the bonus songs are acoustic…you guys should release an acoustic/best of album for the diehard fans.

Cody: We might do something like that in the future. As for these bonus tracks, they weren't intended to be acoustic versions. These were the actual demos that were submitted to the label for those tracks.

Pain: Obviously releasing new albums takes money and since I’m already spending your money by suggesting an acoustic/best of album…hypothetically speaking, if you were to do it…what songs do you think must be on there?

Cody: There are several of the new songs that would translate well. I think we would put a poll up on our website and let the fans decide what they would like to hear.

Pain: One can only assume that the title of your new album was inspired by my life and your time spent partying with me…why didn’t you stick with the original title “Welcome to the Frankshow” or is the song “See You in Hell” the additional homage you paid to me?

Cody: It is called "Welcome To The Frankshow"…..isn't it?…Damn label screwed that up too!!!

Pain: Going into production you guys had a ton of songs ready to record, how did you whittle the song list down to what is included on the album?

Was it more of “let’s use the best songs” or were some included that went with a theme or anything?

Cody: We just tried to do our best at getting the right balance of up-tempos, mid-tempos, and ballads. There were some songs that we had to leave off that we were pretty sad about. But at least we can use them in the future.

Pain: Cody, you got rid of the long red locks in favor of a ‘hawk…did that piss off any of your female fans…more importantly, your mom?

Cody: A few of the fans were pretty upset but for the most part it's been well received. My mom's response was something like, "oh…I guess it not THAT bad".

Pain: Obviously you guys have seen your fair share of boobs in your time…what about boobs with Hinder tattoos? I’ve seen quite a few Hinder tattoos, but how many have you seen on the ‘fun’ body parts?

Cody: None actually. It seems that all of our fans like to wear their tats proudly and show them off all the time.

Pain: What do you guys like to do in your down time?

Cody: I'm not sure what the other guys do honestly. When we're together at home, its either at a bar or a party. I try not to have down time at home. I have a production company with Marshal Dutton (Back-Lounge Productions) and we stay pretty busy. Always writing and recording music.

Pain: When you guys first started the band, did you ever imagine you’d be as big as you are today?

Cody: We always hoped of course, but we never could have imagined that this thing would end up how it has. It's been one crazy ride.

Pain: Back to the new album, if you were to point out a couple of your favorite tracks on the album, which would they be?

Cody: That's really tough. Probably "Save Me", "Shoulda Known Better", and "Talk To Me" are my top 3. Oh! and "Anyone But You" has to be in there too.

Pain: As producer, did the album turn out the way you heard it in your head during the pre-production process?

Cody: For the most part, yes..But when you actually dive in, there are always ideas flying and elements that are added that you didn't originally consider.

Pain: Any plans of taking Seabass N Tha’ Fellas on tour with Hinder? I hear they’re big Hinder fans.

Cody: Haha!! Well, we all know that everyone in the world has to do whatever Seabass wants. So if he ever makes the call, we'll just have to make it happen.

Pain: You guys have an apparent love for Clear10 Vodka…for that shameless plug…what’s your favorite “Clear” drink/recipe?

Cody: I'm pretty simple. I mostly drink Clear 10 and Diet Dr. Pepper.

Pain: Do you believe in Sasquatch?

Cody: Some days I do and some days I don't

Pain: Now’s your chance to ask me 1 question; just 1 question though. My agent only approved me answering just 1.

Cody: Since we both have red hair, I've always wondered….have you ever met my mom? if so, what year was it?

Pain: Son?

'Welcome to the Freakshow' is out now. As we mentioned earlier, there's a Best Buy version of the album that comes with additional tracks. Get it at a record store near you.

Check out the lyric video to 'Save Me'