I remember learning the importance of "Stop, Drop and Roll" in elementary school. It's a simple fire safety technique taught to children all across the land. Heck, I've heard it set to music as well. Never in my wildest dreams would I think that simple little safety tip would be used to scare me into church.

Elmwood Baptist Church in Abilene has that safety tip on their marquee outside of the church. However, it's used in different context. The sign reads "stop drop an roll won't work in hell".

First off, I'm not bashing Christians at all. Heck, I am one. What I am concerned with is the fact that someone thought that was a good idea to post on their church sign. When a child is taught this safety tip, they're typically not at the age that they have 'given themselves to the Lord'. To me, all it represents is a scare tactic to get kids to go to church. That completely misrepresents what Christianity is all about.

My only assumption is that the person responsible ran out of 'inspirational' phrases to use and decided to go a different route. Who knows, maybe it was done by someone not affiliated with the church. We've all seen letters manipulated in a way that is less than flattering to the business.

A little tip to those who edit the church billboards, when you run out of inspirational messages...don't go to the internet. All you'll find there is drama and a French model.

Yes, I understand I'm probably just overreacting because no one can appreciate humor more than me. But, when I was kid, the more people pushed (or scared) me into church, the more I pushed back.

The moral of my little sermon today is that, whether you're a Christian or not, you're guaranteed a greater return when you show those around you love and compassion.

Like Abe Lincoln said in "Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure" - Be Excellent to Each Other.