Who Said It, Ted Cruz Or Charles Manson?
It's time for a new game called "Who said it?"  On one side we have conservative presidential candidate Ted Cruz, on the other, deranged serial killer Charles Manson.
Ted Cruz Reenacts ‘The Princess Bride’ at Church
Speaking at a church in Iowa, Texas senator and in-no-way-viable presidential candidate Ted Cruz exchanged rehearsed banter with the pastor. Senator Cruz had stated that his all-time favorite movie was The Princess Bride. He then entertained the congregation with a reenactment of the Miracle Max sce…
It’s Time To Admit That Donald Trump Was A Bad Idea
I understand why some of you support Donald Trump. Some of you feel like your thoughts and speech are being a little muzzled by political correctness. The problem is that Trump not only has no filter, he also has no class and very well be a sociopath.

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