10 Hilarious Tweets About Ted Cruz
Texas' own Ted Cruz walked away victorious from the Iowa caucus on Monday night, defying the polls and besting Donald Trump. While Cruz celebrated, those on Twitter took to making (rather hilarious) observations about Cruz.
The Hero of the Iowa Caucus Was #StickerKid
While many left Iowa after Monday's presidential caucus feeling like winners, we think the real winner of the night is Drake University student Peter Clinkscale, a Drake University student positioned behind Hillary Clinton during her speech who quickly became known across the Internet as #Stick…
Who Said It, Ted Cruz Or Charles Manson?
It's time for a new game called "Who said it?"  On one side we have conservative presidential candidate Ted Cruz, on the other, deranged serial killer Charles Manson.
Ted Cruz Reenacts ‘The Princess Bride’ at Church
Speaking at a church in Iowa, Texas senator and in-no-way-viable presidential candidate Ted Cruz exchanged rehearsed banter with the pastor. Senator Cruz had stated that his all-time favorite movie was The Princess Bride. He then entertained the congregation with a reenactment of the Miracle Max sce…

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